Kaptain Kool

Kaptain of Kats


Kaptain Kool
Affiliations: Solo D8 Buddy D6 Team D10
Distinctions: Catch Phrase, Profession: Fed Ex Driver, History/Bakcstory
Title: Kaptain of Kats

Two Power Sets
Uncommon Invisibility D10
Animal Control D10
Stretching D8
SFX/Limits Immunity SFX, Exhausted Limit

Psych Blast D8
Fire Control D8
SFX/Limits Berserker SFX, Mutant Limit
Vehicle Expert D8
Menace Expert D8

Speciality: Vehicle
1xp reaching destination in 30 minutes or less
3xp When Utilizing a Hot Air Balloon
10xp Out running a fighter jet in an old VW bug
Distiction HIstory/Backstory
1xp Making a choice and sticking with it (PSTD causes doubt in his character)
3xp Solving a conflict peacefully
10xp Winning back past love

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Kaptain Kool

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